Friday, July 9, 2010

kids' triathlon

is it bedtime yet??

we had the kids' triathlon this morning.
our swim team organizes it and i'm just one of the many people that helps to put it on!
it is SO cute.
i was in charge of the T1 transition area (kids going from the swim and getting on their bikes) and i seriously almost teared up at points. they are just so CUTE and PROUD!

body-marking :-)

all the bikes lined up.
we had 124 kids participate this year.
all the proceeds go to the MS Society.

rebekah coming from the pool to get on her bike
when i went in her room yesterday to start packing her clothes for the beach, i noticed that she had laid out this outfit for the triathlon already. it was cute :-)

headed out on her bike

joshua coming into "T1"
i wasn't sure how he would do.
he ROCKED it!
NEVER walked!

AND with a smile on his face! {well, until he didn't win the raffle at the end...}

headed from the bike to the run

joshua headed from the bike onto the track to run!

getting his medal (he only had to do 1 lap...rebekah had to do 3 so he finished before her even though she started the run first)

getting her medal.
the group she was in is a good challenge for her.
not too easy...but not too hard.
she is TIRED...but feels a HUGE sense of accomplishment!

and we've decided not to leave til sunday.
but i'm packed to leave tomorrow.
and can't figure out what to do.
so i'm just wandering around in circles.
EXHAUSTED from this morning.
and counting the minutes til lunch and resttime.
maybe if i take a 20 minute nap i'll be able to think and come up with a plan for the next 36 hours or so...


Jenn said...

1. that was the cutest.
2. leave tomorrow. how can you NOT go and have that extra day at the BEACH!?!? ;)

veronica said...

The kids did great!

Holly said...

oh how cute!
great job guys!!!!!!

and I'm with Jenn...leave tomorrow!

Alden and Dorian said...

Way to go Rebekah and Joshua....and Courtney! Loved all the pictures.

Katy said...

i think that's so cool that your neighborhood does this - amazing. i am SO proud of joshua for sticking with it even though it's hard! And rebekah - that girl has it in her blood I think! :)