Thursday, July 8, 2010

sawyer and his cookie

we are going to the beach!
i don't know how it started...but we HAVE to have cheese balls at the beach.
saturday morning!!!
we can't WAIT!

a {great!} friend watched the older 3 this afternoon so i could pack.
initially we thought we were leaving on monday and now we're leaving on saturday morning so i lost 2 days!
AND i'm helping run the kids' triathlon in our neighborhood tomorrow morning.
so, i was freaking out {slightly}.

sawyer and i took a little break for a yummy cookie.
it was sweet to have some time with just him.

guess what?!??
i RAN today!
i've been SO good...and tomorrow it's 4 weeks and i wasn't going to be able to run because of the kids' triathlon and packing for the beach AND i won't be able to run on saturday because we'll be traveling all day so i HAD to run today! {i couldn't wait til 2 days AFTER!}

it felt SO good.
i ran at the gym on the treadmill so i could control my pace/distance {at the advice of friends that are trying to hold me back}
i ran 2 minutes, walked 1 minute over and over until i got to 30 minutes.
it was only 2 1/2 miles.
but it felt SO good!!!
the test will be tomorrow morning...if my hip hurts then...we'll see!
i've also gone up and down the stairs about a million times packing and i'm sure that doesn't help.

i'm just ready to feel NORMAL.
and like my body isn't BROKEN anymore.
this has been such a good lesson for me.
i truly feel like a different person.
but, i've learned my lesson and i'm ready to RUN now! :-)

i let the kids bring their wallets to walmart today when we went grocery shopping.
it's always interesting what they buy.
bailey got chapstick.
joshua got candy, silly bands and goldfish for sawyer.
rebekah got candy and she wanted to buy me a dozen roses (!) but i wouldn't let her. so sweet!

it's literally been over 100 degrees around here the last few days.
i'm ready for some air i can BREATHE.

feeling very blessed at the end of this day.
with His peace.
and the love in my home.
and the care and love of many around us.
and living on the edge of TIME TOGETHER.
can't wait to have the time to SOAK each of them in!

here's a little video of joshua's backstroke {his favorite AND best stroke} last night.
once you click on it, i think you'll be able to go to all my video's and you can see us sing happy birthday to sawyer last night. it was so cute!


Kim said...

i was right! :) we leave for CA tomorrow. i am so excited. and i can't even believe that i am saying this but we have decided surprise the girls and take them to disneyland for a day. so crazy huh!! scott has a conference all week out there and i am looking forward to just some time away with my favorite people without my to-do list breathing down my neck. :) safe travels to you guys. oh and this will make you laugh - i went to zip our suitcase tonight after packing it and the zipper BROKE!!!! at 2 pm this afternoon, i would have screamed! but tonight all that i could do was laugh! :) hee hee

Holly said...

so jealous and so happy that you are beachin' it this weekend!!!!

(btw...which beach is your favorite out this way?)

Christy said...

wow, your month is FULL :)

Carrie said...

Your kids are so cute! Loved the backstroke video and Bailey at the end! My younger son would totally be like that with his older brother. Love sibling interaction--pure and precious!

Jenn said...

yay, joshua!!