Saturday, August 14, 2010

rebekah's 9th birthday party!

*this was LAST night...the night before my triathlon :-)

we've been having 100 degree...sunny days for weeks.
and, of course, on the day of rebekah's POOL party/triathlon it's rainy and 80 degrees out all day.

the rain stopped for the party...and we were so glad!

the girls all met at the pool in our neighborhood and we got them all set up for a little triathlon!

all the clothes set up for when they transition from the swim to the bike :-)

about to swim across the pool
(because the weather was so questionable we literally had the pool to ourselves!)


getting dressed for the bike...

they even got their bodies "marked"

headed out on the bike (pat led them as a group through the path in our neighborhood)

aren't bailey and sawyer so cute watching??

getting back from the bike (i had to stay in this one spot...i would have loved to be all along the path!)

grabbing a drink of water before they head out on the run.
pat ran them up to the elementary school, around the track once, and back.

mr. goetz stayed with kathryn and went on the run, too :-)

crossing the finish line!

joshua did the whole thing, too!
and, according to pat, complained less than some of the girls ;-)

then we went back into the pool and played!

the girls came up with the cutest idea to jump in the pool "on the count of 3" and have me take their picture

getting set up...


let's do that again!


she had so much fun!

she wanted a flip-flop cake.
it was pretty easy!

we had pizza and fruit and gatorade of course!

the "favors" were the water bottles you can see on the table with their names on them.
and they each got a shirt (like in a "real" get a shirt...)

happy birthday, rebekah!

we love you so much!!!

(and i'm glad i actually have a couple more weeks before you REALLY turn 9 years old!)


beckley said...

love it. what a great party idea!

and congrats on your tri, too.
i'm confused if they were both today?

if so, wow.


Alden and Dorian said...

What a GREAT party Rebekah had! Loved all of it ~ phew, that took some planning and work. LOVED seeing Rebekah's smiling face. And yes....a few more weeks before your oldest daughter turns 9!!!!! That was quite the task RIGHT before your triathlon.

Holly said...

that was like the cutest birthday party theme (and execution) EVER!

anthonyandbeth said...

i love it! what a perfect party for your girl. :) looks like a lot of fun and i LOVE the favors. i'm sure the girls really thought those were cool. :)

Tammy said...

what a great idea!! i love it and i can't believe you did it right before your triathalon. just shows what a committed and amazing mother you are. and i love the water bottles and t-shirts.

Katy said...

talk about the PERFECT party for her! what a GREAT idea - it looks like she TOTALLY loved it!!! i'm feeling super old now that she is going to be 9 soon...i SOOOO remember getting THE call from Pat that you were leaving for the hospital....