Monday, August 23, 2010


papa is SO good about getting down in the sand with the kids...thank you, dad!

the big kids out in the water
(i don't love being out there...i stayed on the sand...)

lunch :-)
does it get any better that that??

there was this pipe that dumped who-knows-what kind of water out into the beach.
the kids LOVED playing in the stream!
it was perfect! (and i just didn't think about what was in the water...)

he was so fun to watch trying to catch waves...he's so patient and cute!

this was sawyer's "bedroom" - behind a blanket in the closet.

he didn't seem to mind at all, huh??


Julie said...

wow, Sawyer looks SO BIG in that last picture!

Judy said...

Ha. I just read Julie's comment and she said exactly what I was going to say. But seriously, there is something so grown-up about that last picture of Sawyer. I guess the baby days are starting to fade and the big boy is starting to peek out. Bittersweet for sure!

Holly said...

sawyer does.
he looks BIG and Blonde!

Megan said...

Can I just say how much i LOVE that the little pink castle made the trip down in the van with Bailey for vacation? Even princess castles need a vacation at the beach sometimes I guess!