Monday, August 23, 2010

you knew there was a photo shoot, right??

our family...

why do i always think this will be a good picture?
and then when i upload them, i realize it's a picture of my behind! uh...not so good...

my brother's family: Phill, Andrea, Brittany, Christy and Ayden

the whole crew!!!

papa and grandma and their grandkids them and so thankful for their love for each other (and each of us!)

me and my siblings:
phill, me, hannah and steve
(i'm the oldest..then phill, steve, hannah)

LOVE this picture.
this is one of my dad's greatest traits (he has a LOT of great traits) he listens.
and he does it with this face.
and i love that i have a picture of it.

and i do believe there was some laughter at the photo shoot!


Katy said...

great pictures - as always! i think your family picture of your behinds is GREAT! :) And i love the whole family picture of ALL of you lined up! you take up the whole beach! :)

Julie said...

you crack me up! I love the picture of your behind... you want to see something not so fun, look at my family pic i have scheduled this week from our conference... I can really see how much I need to loose...amazing. UGH. But good to recognize. Anyway, I think you look great and like a bombshell :) I am sure Pat would agree and that is ALL that matters...isn't it? :) Well you too, but knowing Pat loves you just the way you are...and really does love you it makes you believe it more... or it at least it does with me with and Zach :) Anyway all that to say, love the pics!

Beckysblog said...

I just love the ones of Bailey with your mom and dad. So great!

Tisha said...

These pictures are gorgeous. All of them. The ones with your parents and your kids are so sweet.

Holly said...

the picture of your mom and Bailey, the picture of your behind and the whole group shot of everyone lined up - LOVED them!

Kate and Geoff said...

i think your butt looks great.



Michelle said...

Your pictures are great, what are you worried about, you don't even notice your behind until you said something...cut yourself some slack.