Monday, August 23, 2010


all set up and ready to play! :-)

one of my favorite moments of the trip...the "girls" talking (me, my mom, Christy and Hannah)
i LOVE real talking...deeper stuff...and it's my favorite part of vacation with people.
when we talk about real stuff...not just the everyday.

took the whole crew to Zaxby's that night for dinner.
have you people been there??
we LOVE it!
pat loves it so much and thinks it's so WRONG that there isn't one around here.
to the point of wanting to open our own franchise.
i'm not on board with that idea.
i just don't have any more free time :-)
but i WOULD love one to exist around here!

and, of course, we had to visit "it's sugar" one more time!

i don't think everyone else thought it was QUITE as amazing as me...
i loved it just as much.

if you've ever been to myrtle beach...and to broadway at the beach...then you know about the Klig's Kites guy. he's SO funny. we sat and watched him for awhile...and just laughed (LAUGHED! he makes me LAUGH! and that's a goal of we had to! :-))

it was a great day...just sweet time together as a family.

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Katy said...

totally craving sugar now....and tell Pat we have Zaxby's everywhere here - maybe that will make him bring you all for a visit! :) (just don't tell him i've never been there.....)