Monday, August 16, 2010

and so it goes...

first, i forgot to post the invitation with rebekah's party post.
isn't it cute??
i just added text to a picture using picnik and then printed them at sam's for 11 cents each!
so cheap and easy!
(and added a little piece of paper with all the triathlon details...)

today was CLEANING day.
we are leaving on wed morning for the beach with my family...through sunday.
and tomorrow is errand and meeting day.
so today was cleaning and packing day.

i set the kids up for it last night.
that today we were WORKING.
well...joshua and bailey woke up with 101 degree fevers (that i didn't realize til late in the morning...i just thought they were trying not to clean!)

and sawyer woke up from his nap and proceeded to throw up.

and so it goes, right?
we're counting on whatever this virus it to blow through us quickly so we can still leave wed morning!

i did get my hope necklace...and i LOVE it!
{i asked for 2 of the pearls on mine...for my 2 boys in rwanda!}


Jenn said...

love your necklace -it's perfect!!

and i did the same thing for jackson's bday invites - you're right - cheap and easy!! and CUTE! :)

Holly said...

I love your necklace too - I noticed it last night and kept forgetting to say something! I even noticed the two pearls ;-)

Christy said...

"Love!" and "Love!!"

Invitation is SOOOO cute...I'm definitely writing this idea down! :)

LOVE your necklace----gorgeous---looks beautiful with your other necklace! :)

Beckysblog said...

praying for everyone's health as you prepare for a fun time with family!