Wednesday, July 14, 2010

photo shoot (s)

yesterday afternoon i took each of the kids out to the beach individually.
to take their pictures.
i brought an "item" for them to play with while i snapped away.
i'm pretty sure it was the highlight of their day ;-)

i got some GOOD ones.

here's a sneak peek...i'm going to need some time to really edit and play with them!

bailey was SO much fun.
plopped herself down with this little bitty castle and one of the 7 dwarfs and made a shell into a blanket for him and piece of trash was his cereal and milk.
she can entertain herself with practically nothing so easily.

my time with rebekah was kind of heavy.
we were working through some ugliness from earlier in the day.
but it ended up being a sweet time and we both came back with our hearts a little lighter.

and joshua was just easy.
and talking about what was NEXT the whole time.
i really wish that kid could enjoy the moment...instead of always thinking about what's next.
has he learned that from me??


Michelle said...

Love Joshua's book....we got it for Christmas this year!

Tisha said...

Very cute. Excited to see more. We like the Dangerous books too :)