Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sweet and sour

our favorite place to go in the evenings at Myrtle Beach is called "Broadway at the Beach"

it has lots of shops and restaurants and you just walk around.
if it's a nice evening (which it is most of the time) it's just nice to walk around with thousands of other people and take it all in.

we headed there last night.

ate dinner at Johnny Rockets (50's diner and the waitstaff dances to fun oldies - the kids LOVE it!)

by the time we got done with dinner and it had started raining.
we walked a little bit and tried to pretend it wasn't raining...but then found this store!

it's new since the last time we were here (2 years ago)
it was SO SO fun!!!
you paid about a million dollars for a tiny bag of candy.

but we let the kids each fill a bag up to the first line.
they were VERY serious about it :-)

there was a lot of junk food consumed today...but also a lot of sweet memories made (i pray)
it continued to rain pretty hard so it forced us to leave - which was probably for the best!

spent the morning at the beach today.

sawyer was a trooper - with his bandage and everything.
rebekah got stung by a jelly fish.
pat took her and bought vinegar and put it on it - it really seemed to help.
bailey got bit (it drew BLOOD!) by a vicious horsefly!

i'm going to be honest - i'm struggling with my attitude.
i think it's mostly because my kids are struggling with theirs.
it's exhausting to try to keep them focused on being kind and not selfish and just wanting MORE on vacation.

so...working on my attitude and hopefully it will help theirs!

hoping to start "fresh" after rest time and have a nice evening together!
but FIRST - i have a date with my husband to do YOGA!
yes, you read that right! :-)


Katy said...

I had to practically BRIBE David to do my water aerobics class with me back when i was pregnant...but i'm pretty sure he'd think yoga was a better option. i hope you can sneak a picture of pat while you're doing it!! :) the candy store looks like SO much fun - those are the fun, special treat memories of vacation. the kids' sunburns make me hurt - hope everyone feels better soon. and good tip about the vinegar for jellyfish sting - hadn't heard of that, but those stings can be awful so i'm glad it helped...poor bailey. seriously the horsefly drew blood? good grief!!!! hoping for less drama tonight for you!!!

Amy said...

Hmmm... maybe Corey and Pat aren't as much alike as I thought they were. :)

Holly said...

Jake and I did yoga together once....it ended well ;-)

and I'm so glad you wrote about your kids wanting more - I'm really struggling with that in the girls lately.

Mandy said...

we went to broadway at the beach a lot when we were down there for thanksgiving last year. we LOVED it too. don't you just love that little store attached to ITSUGAR called missmatched? love the leggins for girlies in there :)

beckley said...

glad you're having fun amidst it all =)

Courtney said...

I'm running & you're doing yoga! What's the world coming to?! :)

jstar said...

Pat's not gonna hear the end of this...

Peyton said...

hahahaha, does pat know you put that on the blog? I would love to see some pictures of that!