Wednesday, July 14, 2010

finally relaxing

i can feel myself finally relaxing.
it's amazing how long it takes.

went putt-putting last night.

you never know how that will go.
it was great.
so much fun.
the "favorite part" for everyone yesterday!

i love spending our days together.

and another long morning on the beach today.
everyone had much better attitudes...including me.

having this big bucket for sawyer has been a LIFESAVER!
he does NOT like going near the water...but also doesn't like his hands to be sandy...

thank goodness for "cropping" :-)

i can't help but wonder what it will be like when we have 2 more little boys with us.
will people stare?
will i care if they do?
will they like the beach?
will they hate it?
will they think we are crazy for loving it?

this guy has been a TROOPER...with his big bandage over his stitches and all.

i started reading this book the night we left.
i had heard it recommended a few times.
it's been in my "amazon cart" for months.
i decided to get it for my "vacation book."
not quite sure what made me do it...but i am sure glad i did!
can't put it down...

off to read!


Katy said...

it's amazing what a difference a year makes - this is really the first year without a baby for you - sawyer was only 1 last year, where we're at, so he looks SO old in all these pictures to me! walking around, playing with the dump truck - it boggles my mind! playing putt putt - all of you!!! glad you are relaxing!!!

Grace said...

awww...that giant bandage is kinda cute, though. :) and i love sawyer's golf club!
i just recently read "little bee" -- SO good!

Peyton said...

oh gosh, I have that book I could have given it to you. are you done with it? I want to discuss it when you are finished. I started out loving it

Laura said...

Yes, people will stare. Most of the time you won't mind because you will love your family so much that you would expect them to stare. Other times, it is not a nice kind of stare and you just figure, "Oh, well, their loss for being so close minded."

Bassett said...

great pictures!

Alden and Dorian said...

I LOVED reading those words "relaxing" and I could feel it in your words and see it in the pictures! Ahhhh. Enjoy Courtney. I LOVED the photo shoot pics and idea ~ wonderful! Can't wait to see more. :) There is nothing like being together as a core family ~ away from all commitments. Enjoy each other and...of course....the beach...those crashing waves....

Christy said...

LOVE your family!! and your thoughts!!

And LOVED that book----intense at times. I think if I remember correctly there were a few parts I had to "skip"---that rarely happens for me in a book...but a GOOD book :)