Friday, June 4, 2010

this is lunch on grocery shopping day

plus some grapes straight out of the container while we run through Sam's :-)
pretty excited to be DONE with having to be home for the kindergarten bus at 11:30 in 11 days!
but we're not counting or anything!


Katy said...

yesterday was our last day and i was SO happy today that no one had to take josiah to school or pick josiah up today - hooray!!! so glad for summer vacation!!

Jennifer said...

I remember the hated days of half day schedule. For one year, I had regular school schedule, PMkindergarten schedule AND am preschool schedule! THAT was a rough year- head spinning all. the. time.

Kim said...

holly's last day was yesterday. so thankful for the whole summer that is ahead of us!! praying for you