Sunday, June 6, 2010

the weekend

it was a GREAT weekend.
so many good and fun and REAL things.
{except the part where i YELLED at Pat for the first time in our marriage. like, i REALLY yelled. that was NOT good or fun. at all. except when we were talking later...after we "made up" and worked it out...and he said how much he had wanted to laugh when i yelled..."because you can't even be intimidating when you yell." i guess that's a good thing, right??}

we are beyond tired and i can NOT get into bed fast enough.

another insane week headed our way.
life is so full of so many great things and i'm trying my best to keep things in perspective.
i don't always do a good job at it.
lately...i really am tripping up a lot.
but God is full of grace and hope.
and the people around me are also great at it.

more tomorrow!

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