Saturday, June 12, 2010


swim team time trials.
rebekah and joshua have been practicing every day for 2 weeks with swim team.
it's joshua's first year.
he has cried a lot.
it's been a stretch for him.
we weren't sure how this morning was going to go.

but the beginning was so fun!
our swim team is the best.
the kids all run in with fun music blasting and the parents all cheering.
can you see joshua?? so cute!

all these kids are in his class...

as of 3 days ago he made it across the freestyle.
and it was SO hard for him.
but he seemed pretty determined this morning.
i liked seeing that come out of him!

he made it across GREAT in freestyle.
and also made it across in backstroke!
i can't tell you how great it was to see him this close to the other end!

and rebekah just LOVES swim team and did GREAT!

headed straight to rebekah's soccer tournament.
bailey and sawyer were troopers.
although i think they wanted to escape :-)

pat enjoyed getting to see one of rebekah's games.
with him coaching joshua's baseball, he hasn't been able to see many.

it was CRAZY hot.
we didn't have enough water anywhere...i tried to be prepared.
but there are a LOT of us.

onto baseball.
joshua's last game.
the whole team did great!

i don't know.
just cute.
no pants.
rebekah's cleats.

it was a great day of sports.
the kids all did great.
we saw some perseverance and determination and hardwork that made us proud.
at dinner when pat asked joshua what his favorite part of the day was, he said, "swimming!"
i think we've turned the corner there...and it didn't take as long as i thought it might!

watched US World Cup soccer and cooled off for a few minutes.
mowed grass.
sanded bathroom.
rainbow pancakes for dinner.
couple errands.
bath night.

great day.
i'm done.


Courtney said...

yea for rainbow pancakes!!! i've decided Berkley's 1st birthday cake is going to be's only appropriate! :)

Ali said...

yea Joshua. Owen is impressed!