Monday, June 14, 2010

family gathering

my side of the family gathered last night to celebrate phill and hannah's birthdays.
and father's day!

we gathered at hannah's house in DC.
which we've never done before!
it was so fun!

we ate a yummy bbq dinner - we all brought different parts to it.

took some group shots:

the WHOLE family!

my siblings and our spouses

the grandkids

then we walked to a park to play

and discovered we SHOULD have taken all our pictures here! it was so beautiful!!!

there was a "drum circle" going!

we played and talked for awhile

then headed back to hannah's place for cake and gifts!

what a GREAT evening together!!!


Holly said...

oh my gosh!
I HAVE to know where that park is!

T-Luh said...

What awesome pictures! I love the one of the WHOLE family- pretty cool how everyone is looking forward- even little Ayden and Sawyer! Also like the "moment captured" one of you and Pat. :)

Beckysblog said...

oh that makes me want to live near a real city!
Great pics!

Alden and Dorian said...

Ohhhhh what a fun time we had ~ we loved it!!!!! Sorry it ended up being a bit of a late night....being a school was hard bringing it to an end wasn't it?!

Tammy said...

family is the best! i love the picture of you and pat at the end...what a great shot, you can just feel the love in the picture.

Katy said...

the picture of aidan and sawyer is the cutest! what fun to get together at hannah's!! the pictures are all amazing - how did you get such great group shots of everyone! and sawyer looks so big - not sitting on anyone's lap in the whole family pix - like he's a real big kid now or something!!!