Wednesday, June 30, 2010

joshua and sawyer's room

the before:

it was just joshua's room.
we didn't get anything new when we moved from our old house to this one.
same bed, bedding, everything.
and it worked.

the dresser was pat's when he was a little boy :-)

and the after:

LOVE it!
beds are from Sam's Club.
bedding is from Target (bed in a bag for $40 - NICE!)
Dallas Cowboys colors! :-)
the walls are painted grey (i lOVE grey!)

joshua has slept on the top bunk from day 1.
he LOVES sleeping up there!

Sawyer's dresser is from Craig's list.
his canvas will go above his dresser (i make them each a canvas on their 2nd'll see the others as we go!)

each child has a globe.
it is theirs.
i pray they will grow to love them.
i wrote Matthew 22:37 on a card and attached it to each one.
i got some of the globes at a thrift store and some at Target :-)
i just didn't become aware of the World and God's heart for it until WAY later in life and it's my prayer that they are always aware of ALL of God's creation!

i wasn't going to do curtains.
i like big, open windows. the last minute i decided they needed something.

so i went to my sewing table and made these.
some of the triangles are from old jeans.
one is from a newborn jacket of sawyers (awwww!!)

sewed them all to a ribbon and pinned them to the wall!
no curtain rod or anything!

the little wall as you walk in their room.

and joshua's dresser.
STILL the one from when pat was a little boy :-)
no new decorations...just used all the cute ones we already had!

sawyer won't move in here until a couple months before our boys from Rwanda come home.
(they are taking his room!)


Holly said...

looks perfect and easy and comfortable!

Laura Unruh said...

Love it!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Katy said...

i love the new room - it looks GREAT! hooray for bunk beds for brothers - we LOVE ours! love the idea of the globes too - how tangible for them to see!!! and the colors are perfect - grey looks so calming in there!

Michelle said...


Jenn said...

love the bunk beds...

and i LOVE the globe idea. LOVE it.

and of course, i love the flags ;)

great job!


Ali said...

SO perfect! oh and Owen will die with jealousy. He wants bunk beds soooo bad.

Megan said...

Love the room and the bunk beds...we are bunk bed addicts here I think. But my question is this....does Joshua still manage to make his own bed? I want to make Clay start doing this, but not sure how with it being top bunk a lot of the time (sometimes he stays on the bottom).