Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm back :-)

wow, that ended up being longer than i was planning...but i'm back :-)

it's been a great week.
a hard week but also great.

this is going to be one of those posts with lots of pictures and then words sprinkled throughout...

first of all, my HIP.
i went to the dr on tuesday {NOT an easy task...pat had to come home at noon...i was definitely doubting if it was going to be worth my trouble to go!}
but it was.
she was GREAT.
and said i have a torn tensor fasciae latae (where all the "stuff" - ligaments?? - that runs along the outside of my leg from my knee to my hip meet at the top of my hip)

good news: it's only partially torn, it will heal on it's own

bad news: i can't run for 4 weeks! {but i CAN swim and bike - which is ALSO good news!!!}

ahhh!!! you would think that i would have cried when she told me that...but it was hurting so badly that i was actually relieved...4 weeks is going to be LONG....but it's do-able {and 1 week is already behind us now!!!! not that i'm counting or anything :-)}

joshua's end of the year party on monday night for his kindergarten class:

his teacher showed up! she was treated like a movie star!

not running this past week has been so so hard.
pat has tried to talk to me about it...kindly trying to figure out why it's so hard for me.
it's been a soul-searching thing to try to figure's not just about "exercise" for has to be much deeper than that with how hard it has been.

one of the ladies i run with sent me the sweetest, most encouraging {and challenging!} email and said this about running:

It's like a sense of power, strength, and peace all rolled into one.

i think that's so true.
it's something that's JUST MINE...not much in my day/life is JUST MINE.

i also think that i connect myself as a runner (just the past 4 years) with who i have become as a child of God over the past 4 years. i am a different person...stronger in lots of ways...and that's just a tangible way that i can feel God's leading in my life.

BUT...i have also realized this week that i have made running TOO big.
i count on it TOO much.
and hopefully i am learning that lesson.
i can not WAIT to run i drive by runners i look longingly at them {sick, i know!}

but i'm also determined to wait the full 4 weeks and really let my body heal.

rest=healing and growth

lots of truth there...

we got our summer decorations out this week!!!
i'm sick of cleaning up sand...sawyer couldn't reach this decoration last year :-)

i have been getting up almost as early this week as i do when i run and spending more time in the Bible and praying and listening {it's SO hard for me to listen! but it's getting easier! even after just a week!}

it really has changed my spirit as i go through my day.

but, i have to admit, that i have also felt very "off" - with my "routine" changing so much.
i have felt much less efficient and effective.
but we have made it...and still with smiles and laughter :-)

i'll try to stop talking about running now. :-)

rebekah got her retainer off this week!
i have yet to take a picture...but her teeth look great!

Justify Full

we made cookies.
and licked the bowl.

most of the cookies were for the bus driver and crossing guard...but we got a few for ourselves!

some notes from my "extra" time this week:
no matter how much time and patience i think i have summoned, it's never enough to play a board game with a 6 yr old and 4 yr old AND almost 2 yr old underfoot.

i enjoyed having "extra" time to say YES when a friend called and asked if we wanted to go for a walk.

if i am going to exercise a lot, then i think i need to try to eat better. i get the majority of my calories from pita chips and gummy bears. i switched the gummy bears to grapes. baby steps...

bailey's new favorite thing to do is "make stew" with mulch and water.

rebekah and joshua both had their end of the year parties at school the same sawyer's naptime :-)

i was able to make an appearance at both.
yet felt guilty for not being there for the whole time at both...

rebekah got a sweet note and check for the shirts she made for robyn.

we started something new this week.
every night the STAR sits at one person's spot for dinner.
that person gets to tell us ANYTHING they want for as LONG as they want.
and then we get to encourage that person by saying something nice to them.

today is the last day of school.
rainbow cake is cooked...waiting to be iced.
cooler of water balloons is filled up to be a fun surprise later this evening!

next up...our plan for our summer days!!!


Julie said...

loved reading your post. Was Joshua's party in your front lawn with the bouncy thing... that is awesome! WOW. Totally cool.

Glad you got to see the doctor about your hip and she was helpful. I hate going to the doctor just to find out I am sick or hurt and that is it. I could have told them that. Glad your injury isn't more serious!!!

How fun you made a rainbow cake and water balloons for being done with school! You are a rock star mom! love ya

{Staci} said...

love the star idea. what a great way to connect to the kids at dinnertime. gonna keep that one. thanks for sharing!

Beckysblog said...

glad you're back...been missing you!

Katy said...

can't believe that about your HIP courtney...yet relieved that it will heal on its own and in "ONLY" 4 weeks. that quote about running is perfect - totally hits the nail on the head. i've got to write that one down.

beckley said...

she's getting another letter later. when i'm not so swamped.

she's beautiful, you know.

(i know you know. but i'm just saying, i'm a really big fan of hers.)