Sunday, May 30, 2010

beginning of our weekend

we are having the BEST weekend.
pat got home earlier enough on friday for us to eat and go for a walk to the pond after dinner.

pat and i got to go to a wedding on saturday night.
a family friend's daughter.
it was a beautiful wedding and fun to see special family and friends.
{and to spend it with pat's mom ON her birthday!}

but my favorite part of the night was between the ceremony and the reception.
we had about an hour to kill and spent it at a Wendy's with soda's and french fries.
we had the best conversation.
i just love being with him...talking, dreaming, sharing, remembering...

and, as fun as it is to get dressed's just not "us."
as we were walking to the car to head home, pat was ripping his tie off and i had all the bobby pins/barrettes out of my hair and it was up in a ponytail by the time i opened the car door to get in :-)

and the kids had the best night too :-)
thanks for watching them, mom and dad!!!
{and good job taking a picture with my camera, mom!!! wow! what a fun surprise! :-)}


Katy said...

love seeing the pictures of you two all dressed up - beautiful! and i LOVE that you went to wendy's in between! perfect!!! :)

beckley said...


that man looks proud to be standing next to that hot lady. i'm just saying. he looks like he really, really loves her.

i like that.

i'm glad you had fun.

Tisha said...

You clean up well! :) What a pretty picture of the 2 of you! Liked the part about Wendy's and your hair being back in a ponytail by the end. The details you share about your life and days make me feel like I really know you...and I love that.

Jenn said...

pretty pretty! :)