Monday, May 31, 2010


after church on sunday morning, we headed out to the farm!

it was the "strawberry jubilee" and the "strawberry princess" was there :-)

ahhh...much more comfortable in my headband and tennis shoes ;-)

we surprised the kids by packing sprite's to drink.
a HUGE treat!

pat and the older 2 fished while i rode the hayride out to the strawberry fields with the younger 2

i love this picture.

he got a system down.
he'd bend over...

find a red one...pick it...

be very proud of himself...keep walking and pick the leaves off the top while he was walking...

pop it in his mouth and then start all over :-)

we found the fishermen when we got back.
sawyer thought the fish were fun!

we stayed way later than "normal naptime" and sawyer was out pretty quickly on the ride home.

sleepy eyes...

almost out...

during rest time, pat took rebekah and joshua to the driving range.
joshua has been asking to go for a couple weeks and rebekah had never been.
they had fun.

and i got a rest with the younger ones!

after rest time, we did something that i've been dreaming of doing as a family for a long time.

we rode our bikes to a nearby (about 4 miles away) bbq place and ate dinner.

2 fun drinks in 1 day!
{it's root beer....}

i got a grape Fanta to drink.
it was SO good.
i didn't even know i liked it.
pat said he's never seen me drink one.
i probably haven' 12 years...maybe in 20!
but it was SO good!

rebekah and joshua did great on their bikes!
i pulled bailey and sawyer in the trailer.

it was so so fun.
a dream come true for me!

and once the kids were in bed, pat and i started watching the Lost finale...finally!

the day was PERFECTION.
all of it.
what we did.
the weather.
the fact that we had a date the night before.
and the fact that i didn't have to set an alarm as we went to bed because we all had off on monday!
so many great things!

it was the perfect day.


Jenn said...

man! what a MAYBERRY kind of day! love it :)

T-Luh said...

What a fun post about such a fun day! Love Sawyer's strawberry picking method! Strawberries, sodas, and CB BBQ- YUMM!!! Hope you have many more days like this!

Amy said...

So what did you think of LOST?

beckley said...


Julie said...

how fun!
and don't feel like you are too far behind...we just finished season 5. And all the talk about Lost is making me want to hurry up and watch season 6, just no time right now!

Leah said...

yep! sounds pretty perfect to me. :)

anthonyandbeth said...

that sounds perfect! :)

Katy said...

i love it -a ll of it! and i think the bbq sign said Carolina style? hooray! :) (although david still likes memphis bbq the best). what a great FAMILY day!!! sawyer looks totally adorable all sweaty and pink from the farm!