Sunday, March 21, 2010

pretty perfect day

after the race morning, we went home and packed a lunch, loaded lots of balls in the car and headed out to find a field to run and play in!

we didn't have to go far.

we played soccer and baseball and football and frisbee :-)

it's hard to get this little guy to stop.
but he will sit in your lap for a couple minutes to get a drink.
his little cheeks get red so quickly when he's hot!

we had a yummy picnic lunch together

and, because it was a "fun" day...i got these mini cupcakes for the occasion!

everyone enjoyed them.

oh! and we played "duck, duck, goose" ...bailey's "pick" for a game :-)

love the joy on her face!!!

we came home and the kids rested...pat washed his car...i went for a bike ride...then washed my car. then we all cleaned up and pat's mom came and watched the kids so pat and i could go out to dinner!!!

we saw the most gorgeous sunset while we were out.

it truly was a perfect day.


Michelle said...

So glad you had such a great day....sounds pretty terrific!

Beckysblog said...

That picture of Pat and the boys is so precious.

Im so jealous of your weather! Im ready for red cheeks!

Katy said...

totally sounds perfect! love the picture of pat and the boys -and i love love love the one of you and pat together. your faces...just perfect. love you guys!

Julie said...

yeah for perfect days! What an encouragement!