Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my friend

{come back, summer...please!!! i MISS you!!!}

just spent 3 hours with my friend...and my sister, Hannah.

she is 9 years younger than me.
we spent a lot of years being "big sister and baby sister" - not really "friends"

but the last few years our relationship has become one of friendship and it is precious.

she is one of the most beautiful people i know.
inside and out.
she encourages me.
she loves me.
and she challenges me.
i could learn a lot from her...she is so sweet and calm...yet tough as NAILS! just last week she was riding a camel and sleeping in a tent in Morocco all while recovering from food poisoning. and, the thing about it is, i'm certain she didn't complain once.
we all know i would have been complaining left and right after the last few entries on here, huh??

we spent the evening tonight sharing our hearts...and asking each other for wisdom on BIG life "stuff"...i'm not sure we found answers...but sometimes it's enough to have the opportunity to share with someone that you know "gets" what you're saying or what you're struggling with.

i love you, hannah!!

**katy's comment made me want to add something...when i got married, my sister was 10 years old. and i asked her to be my maid of honor. she wasn't my friend...yet...she was still my baby sister...but i hoped that one day she would be my friend and i'd look back and be so thankful that she was the one standing next to me! and i am...so very thankful!


Katy said...

i have sooooo loved seeing your relationship GROW over these last several years. I'll never forget standing with her at your wedding. thinking of her tender heart and how much she loved you - and was so overwhelmed to be standing beside you at her young age...and yet she was so proud. she really is an amazing woman and a true friend for you!!!

Katy said...

ps....and i'm SO thankful she didn't take a job at a hospital in CA!!!

Tammy said...

sister DO make the best friends!! What a blessing they are! Praying that my sister and I live in the same zipcode soon. :)

Hannah said...

katy- just so you know..(i never commented at the time but randomly just thought of it:) but your comment here made me tear up! it was a good reminder. it has been incredible to see the blessings of where God has so precisely had me the past (almost) 2 (!!) years! it's amazing to look back at a time when you just didn't understand why something was (or wasn't) happening, and then down the road looking back and realizing, 'wow..God seriously guided my stubborn, hard-headed self.' humbling.

and about the wedding scene:) i will never forget some of those moments. and not much has changed- sometimes i can't get over how lucky i am to have an older sister like i do! and am continually so so proud and even inspired by who she is and how she loves and follows our Savior