Saturday, February 20, 2010

they are mine

first of all, we got to go visit pat's sister and her husband last night!
she had surgery a couple weeks ago and it was fun to hug her and talk to her for awhile!
the kids loved seeing her, too!
{joshua was having more fun than it appears...}

on the way home from steph's house, bailey says from the back of the car driving through the black night {and i'm kinda in my own world, thinking they are all either zoning out or asleep}, "mom. i think that steph feels much more better because we went to see her. it's a long way. i don't think her hip feels much more better, but her heart."

oh my heart.

they are mine.
sometimes i just can't believe that they call me mom.
if i were to be completely honest, sometimes i wish i wasn't the one they called mom.
but, really, i'm beyond blessed.

now that we are almost done painting upstairs, i get to start working on the fun part...
i love going to antique stores.
pat doesn't so much.

so rebekah and i went together today!
it was SO fun...found some fun stuff {'ll have to be patient for that!}...and had some great time just me and her.

we never got a good one.

this picture reminds me of this was 14 months ago! crazy!!!
bailey still can't keep her hands off of someone...she really has to be touching someone at.all.times. love her.

love them all.
feeling very blessed tonight.


Katy said...

you DID get a great picture - of exactly who they are and exactly what stage you're in right now! :) love it - and sawyer is looking like a BIG boy these days - no more baby!

Tisha said...

Yes you did! How I missed their faces and your words! It is so good to "see" you again.

Christy said...

LOVE it!
love you---praying for some surprise days/rays of sun this week! :)


Holly said...

the first time Bailey and Samantha meet, Bailey must be wearing that dress ;-)....and Samantha will wear hers -

Kate and Geoff said...

i think they are all good ones. no question.