Wednesday, September 7, 2016

painting, houseguests, orientations and a party!

the week after the beach and before school started was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was full of GOOD stuff!!

we kicked Monday off by painting the girls' room. 2 coats. all in one day. before and after pictures coming... ;-)
I don't remember what Tuesday was...I think mostly putting the girls room back together!

Wednesday we went on a little adventure...
and ended up at a BBQ place for lunch!
it was just a sweet, sweet time with my 6 kids.

that evening, 10 minutes before we walked out the door for middle school "getting your schedule and lockers", the Stewart's arrived! they are missionaries and friends that live in Guatemala and stayed with us for a few days!
Joshua was a pro at it all ;-) and helped Bailey figure out how to open her locker...
"do we have any classes together?!?"
made sure the kids were ready to go to school by doing chores like cleaning out the street trashcans - ha! they were SO gross....
back to school night for elementary school was on Thursday night - lots of paperwork to fill out!!
last morning of our Acts study...sawyer rolled out of bed, and read in the chair next to me. what a sweet ending!
when we started the study at the beginning of the summer, I had no idea when exactly we'd finish it. and would you believe we did the LAST day on that Friday?!?
found some OLD home my heart had a HARD time that week!
elementary open house to meet their teachers on Friday afternoon!

the Stewarts do this thing called "letterboxing" - it's like pokemon go but without a device! it's SUPER fun!! they took us to find one. we just might have to add this to our list of things we do...
found it!

this couple is amazing. so easy to be with. so fun to talk to. Glenn fixed things all over our house. Judy made my kids feel SO loved. we can't wait until they come back again!!
I check Rebekah's texts often. I had to laugh when I saw this one...between her and joshua...she's such a sweet daughter!

and finished the week with a party for our Shepherd Group to kick off the fall! just burgers and chips and lots of fun!
ready or not, summer is over and fall is here.....

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Would you be able to give me any advice as to how you healed your sesamoid?