Wednesday, September 7, 2016

11th annual friend beach trip

this was pretty much the view for 6 days straight. we had the BEST week. best weather, best friends, best beach. it was awesome.

this was the trip with our JMU friends. we've been doing this trip for years. since there were 10 adults and 3 kids. now there are 10 adults and 21 kids...and 2 on the way!

the young's brought this raft. it was SO fun. the kids spent HOURS out in the water in it.
and this was the view from my bed. I DREAM!!

the water was incredible. beautiful color, perfect waves for the kids, and a nice wide beach to play on!
pat enjoyed fishing in the water.

ali and leah planned beach Olympics for the kids. it was so fun. we had an "opening ceremony"...torch and everything!
cutest thing ever!

it's so fun to see the kids relationships grow over the years. they are like cousins...having grown up together a week every summer since they were born!

the sunrises and sunsets were stunning.
bailey made her famous chocolate chip cookies.

sawyer catching fish. for hours.
the house we stayed in was perfect for us. BEYOND perfect. a pool table by the pool?!? ridiculous!
one of the rooms - this fit a lot of the kids!
cary's birthday was while we were together. the guys went flounder gigging (I had never heard of it, either!) that night (from 9 pm-2 am!) they brought home some flounder and cut it up and cooked it. it was good!!

feeding 21 kids is no joke.
we still got our training runs in! this was the 5 mile was BRUTAL! last long run until the race!!!

mr. ayers telling another one of his stories. these are a precious part of our kids lives.

all day every day
every night, I would go out on the porch and look at the moon shining on the water. it was a full moon one night...and almost full the other nights! it was GORGEOUS!
relay races

storm rolling in...


the kids
the adults
these women are so precious to me. they've seen me at my worst. and still love me. what a gift!

the last evening, I got SO sad. and almost mad. I didn't want the week...and summer to end! I was being a spoiled brat basically. after the AMAZING summer we had. I was sitting on the back walkover to the beach. watching the water. then I looked to the left and saw this! it was like God saying, TRUST ME. I AM FAITHFUL.

shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes thrown on the table. eat up!
it was obviously an amazing week. we are so blessed.

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