Friday, September 16, 2016

one of those days i'll look back on and miss

this past Saturday was one of those days that i'll look back on and miss. I just know it. it was the epitome of life these days. full of events. full of BIG stuff for our kids. full of emotion. FULL.

my day started early...a HOT long run. but I was rewarded with this mid-way through! STUNNING!
pat was off to a men's breakfast at church. so I walked in the door from my run...and right back out with Joshua. he had his first game to ref!! after studying and taking the course, he was ready to go! I loved getting to talk him through it in the car - he was so nervous. I stayed for the first quarter of the first game (he did 2.) then I left him to figure it out on his own!
we picked Joshua up on our way to bailey's first soccer game. she decided a few months ago she wanted to try soccer for the first time. go, Bailey!! she has a lot of girls she knows on her team. and loves her coach. we'll see how it felt like 102 degrees at her game...she hopes it gets a little cooler ;-)
home for a quick lunch, then off to Joshua's game. still SUPER hot. pat is the coach. it's fun cheering them both on. no pictures of that...I was sweating too much...

rushed home to get ready for the evening! pat drove by chick fil a on his way home from the game to get a tray of nuggets. because we were having a dinner party for this good-looking crew!
it was Rebekah's homecoming dance! she asked a few friends from church (and 1 from her school) to come with her. she just wanted a simple dinner at our house. I was glad to make it happen!

Noelle - they've been in the same school and lots of classes together since kindergarten!
Maddy. this is Corey's big sister (that I watched this past spring!) Maddy and Rebekah have been friends since they were babies. I just can't even. God has done some incredible things in their lives and I love that they are still standing together.
Noelle and Rebekah have been good friends for years too. her mom is one of MY dearest friends. and our families have been in a small group together for years. we've camped with them. gone to Hershey park with them. raked yards together. precious.
they had a few minutes to wait and pulled out a guitar. it was so awesome.
this group of friends was like "Rebekah's greatest hits". so many precious people in her life!
and the others, Josh, Jared and Michaela are quickly becoming dear friends to her too!

pat entertained our other kids while I served and helped their dinner be enjoyable (while also trying to be invisible ;-))

they were SO sweet with bailey...she was in HEAVEN watching the girls get ready all afternoon!!
one more of this.
once we got the high schoolers to the dance, and the younger 3 boys in bed, Pat and I watched God's Not Dead 2 with Joshua and Bailey. SO good!!

then, when the dance was over at 11, we spent the next hour driving them all home. whew! quite a day!! we were tired...but it was a GOOD tired!!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Rebekah,you are growing up way too fast! You looked stunning!
Grandmommy and Granddad