Monday, September 12, 2016

first day of school :: 2015-2016!

i'm getting closer! only 2 weeks behind...ha!

 oh, these kids. they have my whole heart!!!
 4th grade for this guy!
 3rd grade for slicked hair Sawyer...
 1st grade. could he smile ANY bigger?!?
 my elementary crew-
pat and I walked them up. they didn't even know we were behind them. they talked to each other the WHOLE way. (they did hug us before they went in :-))
an hour later, Joshua and bailey left on the bus.

7th grade
 6th grade
and my high schooler - 10th grade!
we'll talk more in the next post about how I felt about them all going off to school all day...but they were great and everyone had a good first day!

(I mean....)

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