Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I feel like sawyer changed the MOST this year out of all the kids! wow!!!

he's almost 8 years old (in a couple weeks.)
sawyer is my "first baby". he was the baby for 3 years...until we flew to Africa and brought Levi home.

he and I have a connection that's unique. I don't know if it's from some medical scares during his pregnancy, or from the deep emotions that were felt when we left him behind to go to Rwanda and bring Lincoln and levi home, but it's there. from me to him. and from him to me. we can talk with our eyes and smiles. no words needed.

he's the pickiest eater of them all. and has some stomach issues (that I relate to!) but isn't a complainer, so things are usually pretty bad by the time we know there's an issue. we are slowly figuring out how to help him with this, and he's also getting older and able to take some responsibility, too (lots of fiber. and water! ;-))

he is SUCH a good sleeper. can fall asleep in the middle of anything if he's tired. I love that!

his favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, candy, ice cream, pizza and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (EVERY day for lunch!)

sawyer is a very easy-going kid. easily pleased. easy to get along with.

he takes life in, but doesn't talk very much. he LOVES to fish. loves to do ANYthing with Joshua. or his dad. he is definitely the ringleader in the trio of him, Lincoln and levi.

he does well in school and his teachers always adore him.

he's pretty forgetful, but we all help him remember what he needs to know. ;-)

sawyer has a silly streak that comes out in the times we really need them to!
he also has a sensitive streak and knows when I need him to come close and just BE.

i'm especially thankful that this little boy is in our family.

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Barbara Cassada said...

Sawyer, you definitely are so much like your Daddy and big brother!!! We will always treasure the special time that Granddad and I had when your family went to Africa to adopt Lincoln and Levi. You were only three years old.....but we loved spoiling you by taking you to Burke Lake Park as many time as possible while we were caring for you!! One time when Lincoln and you were "in competition with each other".....Lincoln commented that you had not ever been to Africa....and you very quickly and adamantly said, "Well, you have never been to Burke Lake!" Granddad and I always chuckle when we think of how very special you always thought of Burke Lake Park to be!!! We love you, sweetie!!