Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I've decided i'm going to use their "first and last day" of school pictures from this past year to do a little update on each of my kids...who they are, what they love, where they're headed.

no order. just going with it.

I feel capable of starting with this little guy today.

levi. he is my second baby (I have 2. we'll get to that.) he just turned 6 years old. he's been telling everyone when his birthday is for MONTHS. I think we were all kinda glad to have the day finally come!

levi is always smiling. except when he's crying. he can cry on command over pretty much anything. I guess it's a quality all "babies" of the family have.

levi LOVED school this past year.. he was the only one that wasn't so happy for summer to come.

since the day we met him, he was obsessed with water...and continues to guzzle cups of it all day long. there are definitely worse things! drink all the water you want, buddy (except a couple hours before bed...we do cut him off... ;-))

he loves attention and will do pretty much anything to get it. he even made up this whole story this past year about having to go to the principal's office and got in trouble for it...until we straightened out the story and realized it was all a lie and he hadn't been to the principal. then he got in trouble for lying! good grief!

he loves to eat, snuggle, laugh, be a "big boy", talk, bananas, do word searches, and play with his brothers!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Levi, you are such a blessing! You are growing up way too fast! Granddad and I love you so much!