Wednesday, June 1, 2016

pastor Aldinn

Pastor Francois' (from Haiti) son, Aldinn visited a couple weeks ago. he didn't stay with us, but we were able to hang out with him a couple times. we had him over for dinner and then some of us took him to a DC United (soccer) game.

random sidenote: my DAD'S name is Alden. spelled differently, pronounced the same. how CRAZY is that? it's not like it's a common name! it's also Joshua's middle name. I just love that. because I LOVE my dad and couldn't think more highly of him.
 pat and Joshua were just in Haiti this past March, so Joshua loved seeing him again!
another night we had him for dinner and then brought him to our shepherd group. we got to hear his heart and pray for him. and we were SAD to say goodbye!

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