Monday, May 23, 2016

where is your hope?

i'm going to be honest. life is hard. like, really hard. there is so much hurt. some just from "life" - sickness, pain. and some from our own choices - we hurt each other, we make bad choices and suffer the consequences.

this picture was taken a couple weeks ago (see the sun in the picture?! it's been absent for WAY too long!) I was on the floor with Corey. Sawyer was outside playing and came inside just to tell me something. he HAD to share something that had happened out there. I don't remember what it was. but I remember my heart swelling that he wanted to SHARE his life with me so badly that he stopped and came inside. I remember loving the dirt on his shoes, the dirt on his legs, kissing his fresh scratch up his leg (that he didn't even know was there until I did it.)  I gave him my full attention and listened to his sweet story. I get this wrong SO many times. but this time I didn't. and I still remember it 2 weeks later. isn't that awesome?

these are the moments that get me through the hard ones. we HAVE to find joy in our days. it takes stopping sometimes. looking around. taking it in. it's usually the really small stuff that brings us the most joy. but we have to STOP and LOOK to see it. hurt and pain are everywhere. but hope and joy are, too. we live in a world that is groaning...aching to be made new. we feel that every day. but God is gracious enough to walk alongside us here until that day comes. and, because He is here, there is grace and peace and joy.

where have you seen it today??

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