Friday, April 8, 2016

spring break 2016 :: rebekah

we split up again for spring break.
Rebekah went on a bike trip with 50 other high schoolers.
they weren't allowed to bring any phones/devices. so this is the only picture I have - of the day they left.

JUST Kidding!! RIGHT after I finished this, I was sent a link to a bunch of pictures from their trip! they are at the end...

they drove from DC to florida on a bus overnight.
then they rode a total of 177 miles across florida over 4 days.
they camped every night in tents.
Rebekah was able to play the guitar to help lead worship every day and LOVED that!
they had a day in Disney world.
a day to relax (and shop).
and then they drove home. they were gone a week.

she had a great time. it was challenging in all the right ways for a 9th grader. i'm glad she went! and so is she!

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Barbara Cassada said...

What a wonderful experience for Rebekah!!! I wish that I had had an opportunity to do something like this when I was in high school!! Rebekah, you are so beautiful....not only on the inside, but the outside!!! Love you bunches, sweetie!! Grandmommy