Monday, April 11, 2016

spring break 2016 :: pat and joshua

pat and Joshua spent spring break in Haiti.
I had no concerns about them...once they got there. but the day they were traveling I was a disaster! I was SO glad to hear they got there safely!!

I missed Pat SO much. I prepared them all for their trips, and prepared the week for us here at home. but I didn't prepare my heart for missing him! (his work hours have been so long lately, I don't think I thought it would be hard. it was.)

every time "we" go to Haiti, we try to be more of a blessing to them than a burden. this time that meant bringing a fancy dress and a soccer jersey for each kid. those are the things that make them feel *special.* then they set up a "shop" and helped each child pick out the perfect clothing item for them.

the dresses...
 the jerseys...

 one of the rooms we get to stay in. Pastor Francois treats us SO well!

 our group did a vacation bible school again this year.
 smores for pastor francois' kids (about 55 of them...)
 and they built a playground next to the orphanage...

 Joshua is still talking about them weeks later...those kids get in your heart and they won't leave!
 he painted this for Pat and sent it home with him!
 we brought yo-yo's for each kid...Joshua enjoyed showing them how to make them work!
they had a GREAT time. it is always good for pat to get away and be unplugged from work and life here. I was thankful for him to have that time! it always puts things in perspective!
I hope I get to go next year........

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Barbara Cassada said...

Oh, I am so overwhelmed with joy by your post of Pat and Joshua's wonderful trip to Haiti!! I can only imagine how blessed Pat and Joshua must feel to have had the opportunity to serve God in Haiti! I have fallen in love with all of the children just in looking at their faces!!