Monday, February 8, 2016

market day

our kids elementary school had the coolest event last week. I have to tell all about it!

it was their first year doing this. it was called market day. EVERY student had to come up with a product to make. it couldn't cost more than $15 to buy ALL the supplies you needed. they had over a month to come up with a plan and make the product. depending on the age of the student, they made a higher quantity of their product.
levi made 10 bookmarks.
sawyer made 20 flapping origami birds.
Lincoln made 30 bookmarks.
bailey made 25 "Boo-Loo's".
all my kids worked hard on their product AND did it ALL by themselves. (once I helped them with the ideas, etc.)

but I was SUPER proud of bailey. from the beginning, she said she wanted to sew hers. so we came up with a plan together. and she cut, sewed eyes on, sewed the "boo-loo" body, stuffed it, and sewed it shut ALL.BY.HERSELF. it took a LONG time.

the week of the "market" at school, the kids could bring in money to buy tickets - 1 ticket = $.25.
the student decided how much money their product would cost by how many tickets it would cost to buy one.

then they set up their "store" in their classrooms, and other classes came to shop.
 I had to go up to the school to see how it all was going...and it was so awesome!
 the kids learned so much in the whole process. and one of the BEST parts of it, is that ALL the money is going to a local school that doesn't have the money they need to buy basic books and resources that our school DOES have. so our kids got to be a part of helping to bless OTHERS and not themselves! bonus!!
it was an awesome event and I hope they do it again!!


Jill said...

So cool! What a great idea!

Courtney said...

i LOVE this, and Berk's school would be all over this. Gonna suggest this soon! I may be asking for more details :)

Barbara Cassada said...

I, too, LOVE the idea of a school wide market....especially to help another school to purchases books and other resources!!!