Wednesday, February 24, 2016

a little escape

last weekend, pat took me away for 24 hours. we went out to eat, stayed in a hotel, watched a movie, shopped for a couch for our basement. we made some budget goals and looked back over where God provided for us the past year financially. we laughed and talked and slept. it was good. too short. but good.

our kids missed us a little...and made us this amazing sign when we got home (using their OWN money to buy the candy!)
i'm not sure which kid missed us the most...but he's right up there near the top. he didn't leave my side for the next 24 hours (which was possible since we had a SNOW DAY the next day...)
it was good to be home. but, i'm going to be honest. I struggled bigtime. it was HARD to walk back into my life and face the realities of it after getting a little break. I did not handle the transition well...


Megan said...

So glad you had a little 24 hour getaway together! Love you friend!

Barbara Cassada said...

Happy that Patrick took you away for some much needed time away, sweetie! You both need solitude!