Monday, December 21, 2015

when it's their day

on december 1, all kinds of traditions start around here. the kids rotate through getting to have it be "their day". so...for 24 days, they take turns. the math is easy. they each have 4 days during the month that it's "their day." and they LOVE it!

first, they get to unwrap a gift. at the end of november, i wrap 24 gifts. these are mostly things we already own - christmas books and movies. a few are special experiences; like i will wrap a small box of christmas lights on the day we're going to drive around and look at lights. this morning, joshua opened a box of graham crackers because we're going to decorate gingerbread houses this afternoon! the idea is to do (read, watch, eat, etc) that item THAT day...and we mostly stick to it! this takes a little organization beforehand...i print out a calendar and look through the month and try to plan out when we'll do those events. but sometimes i change them as the month goes on!
next, we have this AMAZING advent calendar from naptime diaries. they get to pick the next card and turn it over to see our "act of kindness" for the day.
then they get to pin the card up on the string!
THEN they get to open the chocolate advent calendar! my mom gives them this every year. i LOVE that we just have 1 and they share it!
and, last, we have a lego advent countdown calendar. they get to open the next little guy/object and put it together and set it up in the scene.
it's all small stuff. but you would be amazed how ALL of them (even the older ones!) love when it's their day. and the anticipation of what the GIFT is going to be...or what the act of kindness will be...or even what the design on the advent card will precious.

THESE are some of my favorite moments of the season!


me said...

I would love to hear what your "acts of kindness" are. I'm looking for ideas to do with my family.

Michelle Haseltine said...

Courtney, Thank you for sharing so many of your family traditions. LOVE each and every one of them!!!!