Thursday, December 3, 2015

the good stuff

i don't know what i was thinking on my last post. i didn't even get the pictures off my camera! (shows how much i use that thing these!)

a couple from our tree hunting.

maybe my favorite from thanksgiving day. in his arms, everything is just fine.
i have lots of words for my sweet sister. but now is not the time. let's just go with, I LOVE HER!
a table FULL of blessings!! (the rest of these pictures are from my mom!)
i don't know what got into me. my parents had corn dogs for my little boys (which they don't HAVE to do. my kids will eat whatever! but they are grandparents through and through ;-)) and i ate 3 bites of one! pat was all, "WHAT?! that couldn't be any more OPPOSITE of what you eat!" ha! i guess the rules were "off" that day and i took full advantage!
i loved our walk that afternoon.

it was a good good day.

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