Friday, December 4, 2015

day with ellie

i am in love with my niece, Ellie.
she's amazing.

but everytime i get to see her, it never seems long enough. i want to KNOW her.

i knew the only way that would happen was if i got some hours with her. my sister works 4 days a week, so i figured out all the details for me to be away from my house from 5 am-7 pm one day so that i could drive to DC and spend the day with Ellie instead of her going to daycare.
it was an amazing day. i just held and played with her ALL day. her demeanor is so sweet and happy. she's so content. but also lets you know what she wants (or doesn't want!) when she took her naps, i was DYING for her to wake up so we could play again. i really felt like i got to know this sweet girl. and i'm more in love than ever!!
one time i just held her while she slept. when my babies would nap, i always had *too much to do* to hold them. and i don't really regret it. it kept me sane, to have a break and get some stuff done. but it sure was sweet to hold her and just BE and take her in!
my kids did so well with what i asked of them that day. it was the first day of december, and our first "act of kindness"...everyone played a part and it was a sweet day.