Thursday, December 10, 2015

mondays can be tough

after falling and skidding on my hands and knees during my run monday morning (like. they are still pussing and gross days later. it's hard to do pushups AND wash dishes. totally cramping my style.) and then a crown falling off my tooth a couple hours later (completely unrelated), i made the wise choice to take a NAP with my precious minutes when all the kids were in school.

i tried to pretend that falling was no big deal. but it shook me up more than i'd like to admit. i'm just thankful that all my injuries will heal quickly.

but pat knows how to redeem a day. our date that night consisted of an hour in home depot buying all kinds of fun things like a door, a compressor, and 2 nail guns!  now we just need some time to work on our projects!!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Courtney, I would have cried.....I am so relieved that you are alright!!! Love you!!