Wednesday, December 9, 2015


bailey offered to help address the christmas cards.
i didn't hesitate in saying, "YES! thank you!!"

wasn't that kind of her?? and she really did help! she did quite a few!

and then i had to stop and realize that maybe, just maybe, i'm growing. i'm not sure i would have gladly accepted that offer a couple years ago. i can be a control freak. and she might not do it the way i would want it done. but i'm over that! she wanted to help, and i wanted to accept it! and i couldn't care LESS how it looked, as long as it got done! :-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

I LOVE how Bailey helped you in addressing many of your Christmas cards, Courtney!!! What a sweetheart!! Perhaps she can help Grandmommy next year!! :-)