Tuesday, November 24, 2015

just some bits of last week...

we've never taken levi to get his hair cut at a "real" place. pat's done a great job for 4+ years...but it was time. on a friends recommendation, i went to "cutt n up" and it was an experience! it was like a movie...that place is WAY more than just a barber shop! i went at 10 am on a tuesday...thinking it would be slow and just opening. ha! no way. it was hopping...and they were fixing the worlds problems, and each other's problems, too. i laughed the whole time. they were so kind and generous to my "white mama" self. and didn't make me feel like i'd been ruining my son's hair (which i'm sure i had been.) i bet i gave them something to talk about after i left ;-) i can't wait to go back.

oh, and we ALL LOVE levi's haircut!!!
 i can't believe i placed higher than "food" on levi's thankful list!
bailey wanted to play basketball this winter. it's going to be amazing.
last week was "american education week". did you know that? i don't know if the rest of the country celebrates it, but here in loudoun county, we celebrate it BIGTIME. and that celebration looks like making moms come into school for a *fun* activity AND lunch (bonus!) every day the week before thanksgiving (and then december! christmas break! snow days!)

for the love. i don't mean to complain, but, well, i am.

but i do it. i made it to every class (and NOT lunch. i have my limits. and that cafeteria is one of them.) and the kids LOVED that i came.

sometimes when you're 5, your mom knows you need a nap, even if you say you don't.
WE'RE SO HAPPY IT'S POMEGRANATE SEASON!!!! and we've got our de-seeding technique DOWN!
rebekah made the JV basketball team at her high school!!!! it's so exciting! she had her first scrimmage last week and we can't wait to watch her games!
joshua got all A's first quarter. and was honored at a ceremony (during american education week...)
this past saturday was First Fruits. it's an event that our church puts on every year. hundreds of people go out into the community and do jobs for people (raking, painting, mulching, whatever they need.) the jobs are then paid for. after 6 or so hours of working, we take the money and go to the grocery store and buy groceries and then deliver them to families that need some extra help. all in the same day. 8 am-10 pm. it's long and hard and fun and an amazing day.

pat and the older kids have done it together for a few years. i've always been at home with "the little kids".

but this year, we all served together!!!! i brought the younger 3 home about 3 pm. but next year, i think they can make it all day!
our team.
it was a great day. a sweet ending to a pretty crazy week!
i probably won't be back here til next week. we have a wonderful weekend ahead full of traditions. i pray you have a good thanksgiving. i'm thankful for YOU!

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