Wednesday, November 25, 2015

an apology

i'm sorry.

in my post the other day, i did the exact thing i was accusing others of. i did not act or speak in love and i'm sorry. will you forgive me?

other than the public comments on instagram and facebook, i haven't had any other feedback. this apology comes from me continuing to pray and think about my words and heart always...and Him speaking to me in such kind and revealing ways.

i spoke harshly and without grace and love.

above all, i believe that is who Jesus is...who God is...GOD IS LOVE.

and i'm sorry that i used His perfect name as i spoke without love. i've gone before Him and His amazing grace covers even this. but i can't leave it there...i have to ask for your forgiveness also.

my human, imperfect opinion on the matter hasn't changed. but i do regret how i said it. and i'm so very sorry.

and i ache for the day when He will make all things ugly heart, the evil in our world, and the need for homes for refugees.

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