Wednesday, October 14, 2015

so it's fall

i can't deny it any longer. it's fall. i finally pulled out the decorations and my favorite fall candle. i put the down comforter on our bed, because i love pat that much. {he loves it. it makes me too hot.} i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last friday. i'm trying to embrace it, can you tell?
in all honesty, i want summer back. but i'll patiently wait 3 seasons to run their course and will be more than ready when i can pull my flip flops out and put my hoodies away!

some everyday moments from around this amazing house of mine. side note: i LOVE my house. it is such a place of peace and joy and security for me. and i'm so thankful for that!

we are still working on writing the Bible! can you believe it? in 30 minute increments. that we don't do every day. or even every week. but we do keep plugging along.
last winter, i made a different soup recipe once a week for WEEKS. i was trying to find a soup my family would like. i don't know why, but i just wanted them to EAT SOUP! and LIKE IT! well, i found one! it was a HIT with them all. sausage and tortellini soup.
rebekeh's hair for homecoming. i loved what she chose.
i don't write notes in my kids lunches very often. usually on the first day of school. and probably 5 times TOTAL the rest of the year. and if i do a note for one, i don't necessarily do it for all...just for who my heart feels like needs it that day for whatever reason.

every night, my brain plays back the day. the good and the bad. you do it too, right?? most nights i try to think of which kid needed the most love that day - and didn't get it - and then i think of a way to intentionally love them the following day.

oh. and sawyer and i won the football game! :-)
i found this list of things to sketch for the month of october. i asked bailey to do it with me (she needed some love :-)) i'm WAY behind. she's not. but we are both enjoying it!

i'm trying to be intentional to play games and do puzzles with this sweet kid each morning. he's so easy and quiet, that it's tempting to just "do my stuff." but these are sweet hours, just the 2 of us. and i'm soaking them up!
just a little snapshot at the end of a LOONG day. this crew of mine hurts my heart, makes my heart soar, and pushes me on to love them more and more each day.
finding it hard lately to eat as well as i should. but breakfast is always an easy meal for me to start out strong.
lots of soccer sidelines for us.
we had the BEST long weekend this past weekend. a perfect balance of family and friend time. of chores and fun. of rest and work. it was GOOD.

caught this adorable moment of joshua filming bailey for video star. they LOVE that app!
these guys were left after everyone went to school. it made me smile so big. i know i will miss things like this one day.
do you love fall? what makes fall FALL for you?
any good soup recipes?
i need a snack idea that tastes like a candy bar, but has the health benefits of brussel sprouts. anything?? ;-)


Diana said...

For the snack idea- Think Thin peanut butter protein bars! I have one every afternoon and I freeze them. It's like a frozen butterfinger! 20g protein!

Megan said...

I have this tremendously yummy soup recipe for baked potato soup that a friend once gave me...that being you. I've thought about making it here, but let's be is just TOO hot!