Friday, October 9, 2015

homecoming 2015

she was stunning.
i could stop there. but you know i won't. :-)
thankfully, i had a bit of an idea what this whole "homecoming" thing was about from the years of running with my running group - they all had kids older than mine. i took lots of notes in my head on those early morning runs!

i pulled up 2 sites on the computer with homecoming dresses on them. i told her to pick her favorite 2. the criteria was that they had to be around $50 and not strapless. then we ordered 2 sizes in each. and returned what she didn't want. i'm thankful it worked out! shopping is fun...but we didn't have the time for it.

then the shoes. we did shop for them. :-) we both thought silver. but they were all about 8 inches high and just not appropriate for a 14 year old. i was SO thankful when she spotted the grey ones! they were PERFECT! and we were BOTH happy with them. not an easy feat ;-)

it was so fun to spend the afternoon doing her hair and makeup. we had a bit of a rough week leading up to it was a gift to have that sweet time together.
my favorite picture of the night. one day he will hand her over to another man. but not yet.
she wanted a picture with him.
and then bailey wanted a picture with her - oh, she took it ALLLLL in!
she went with 7 other girls. it was cute to see their nerves as we met up to take pictures.
aren't they gorgeous?!?
off to dinner.
we dressed our van up with lights and drinks and snacks and i got to be the chauffeur for the night! what an honor! she had a great night...i guess we have lots of these ahead of us!


Alden and Dorian said...

What a fun event!!!!!! Rebekah is just gorgeous, can only imagine the fun day getting ready, you are amazing decorating the van with lights. Memorable for sure. Memories made for a lifetime!

Barbara Cassada said...

Rebekah looked absolutely beautiful! How blessed she is to have such a wonderful Mom to help with the detailed preparations for her first Homecoming! I have no doubts whatsoever that she was the prettiest girl there!

Ali said...

She was glowing! I love how you stayed involved and loved her well. His spirit is at work in you and it's encouraging to witness.

Megan said...

Wow. I don't know why I am always surprised when I "catch up on the Cassadas" that she is so grown up! I mean, not really, but way more than I think of her in my head. She is a real stunner though. Total beauty. What a special night!