Thursday, September 3, 2015

weekend away

pat and i had a weekend away in celebrate our anniversary (which was in july). he planned the whole thing. and i loved every minute! we stayed local...and went to Georgetown in DC. our hotel was in walking distance to the White House, the Monument, and all the fun shops and restaurants in Georgetown. we ran around the monument, paddle-boarded in the Potomac, walked and walked and shopped and ate and talked and talked all over downtown Georgetown. it was so great. it is so good to connect just the 2 of us. marriage is hard work. this year has been one of the toughest for us. but we are committed to pressing into each other, even when we want to turn away. and we trust that He will cover us with His love and grace...especially in those moments! i love this man. not because he loves me perfectly - no one could! not because he is easy to love (he is sometimes ;-) but no one is easy to love all the time!) but because i've chosen him. 17 years ago i made the choice to love him and stand with him and support him for all the time God would give us together. most days that is an easy thing to do...he loves and respects and takes care of me so well. but there are moments that the flowery kind of love isn't enough. where the REAL, gritty love needs to step up. and that love sometimes only has the fact that we CHOSE each other to stand on. and WE WILL STAND. with God as our strength alone.
{taken on our run}

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Katy said...

yes a thousand times over. love you both and grateful that you continue to do the hard things! what a fun getaway!!