Tuesday, September 8, 2015


this happened WEEKS ago. but it was by far one of my favorite nights of the summer!!

pat and i went to see needtobreathe with evan and stacey. we ADORE them. our hearts are joined deeply and we can talk and share and pray together so easily. and it was such a joy to just have a whole night of FUN together!!
this venue (wolf trap) is so cool...you sit outside on a blanket, bring your own food and drinks, talk for a couple hours before the show starts. and then enjoy the show as they sun goes down. it was so wonderful!
the concert was 4 hours long! (there were 4 bands total.) it was amazing!

and jenn was there, too!! we met between bands and got a quick hug and picture :-)
we paid for the night for a couple days (i think we got home after midnight? on a tuesday?) but it was worth it!!!

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