Monday, September 28, 2015

the weekend around here

look at me...blogging about the weekend the DAY AFTER. i've really been horrible at keeping things up to speed around here. i would be sorry. but i'm not. life away from this space is way more important than documenting it and pecking away at this keyboard, but our whole family DOES love to look back on the memories our life creates, so i do my best to get here when i can!

MY weekend started with lunch with my mom. it was so fun. not long enough. but wonderful. as the years go by, and my life gets busier and busier, i get less and less hours with her. but she is always there to offer support, encouragement, love, advice, and laughter! i love her. and am so thankful for her!
rebekah's cross country practice was cancelled friday. but she is working hard to get faster. so i took her to the gym to do some sprints. i think she wished practice hadn't been cancelled ;-)
and, if you want to find us on friday nights, we'll be at the high school football games! we bought season passes. we're ALL IN. it was a pink and white out. so the kids got decked out :-) it sure is a fun evening out there!
some of the kids brought their own money for a treat.
saturday morning, the kids had a yard sale and bake sale. they've been collecting and planning and sorting and baking for it since the summer. all $ goes to Haiti! they spent SO much time and energy on it. i hardly did a THING. the girls manned it solo while we were at soccer games. they made $300 - not bad! :-)
that afternoon, i called the boys up from the basement, "hey guys! come to the driveway! QUICK! run!" the girls and i were out there with water balloons. what fun! :-)

we started a new project. our basement. there will be MUCH more to share about this. we are trying to do as much of it ourselves...and teaching our kids along the it will be SLOW going. but now that all the JUNK from the yard sale is gone, we can move forward!
stolen from her phone.
and yesterday we dropped pat off a union station. he's in NYC (without me!!!) for a few days...
so that we weren't TOO sad...i took the kids to a movie (have you seen War Room?? it's SO good. pat and i saw it a couple weeks ago. this is my favorite scene. i was definitely ugly crying multiple times. i think i liked it better the second time. you need to see it.)
and then to dinner to let them know how proud i was of them for working so hard on the yard sale. AND expecting NOTHING in return for it! not a dollar!
there was other stuff. but that's a weekend around here with the cassada's :-)

how was YOUR weekend??

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Alden and Dorian said...

I love all the whole post! I also love clicking here and seeing us! That was a fun time!!!!!