Monday, September 28, 2015

see you at the pole

i pray for my kids all the time. but i'm not as diligent at praying for their schools. well, my eyes and heart have been broken...and opened.

last week was "see you at the pole". it's one morning a year. for kids that love Jesus to gather around their flagpole before school starts and pray for their school. it's been around a LONG time (i remember doing it when i was in high school!)

rebekah didn't hesitate in going. she was a little nervous...she doesn't know many Christians at her school...but i think we both assumed that, even if she didn't KNOW the people, that there would BE PEOPLE.

there were 3 other girls besides her. and 2 of them were sisters. (it shows 5 total in the picture - one was an adult with her baby in the stroller...a friend of one of the girls?)

i was proud of her for going. but couldn't believe that out of 2000 students, only 4 showed up to pray for their school.

so, we're starting with 4. and i can't wait to see how God makes Himself known. i know He will hear our prayers. and i pray that the light of Jesus that i KNOW is in that school would spread like a wildfire.

**edited to add:  i know there are more Christians at her school, i'm certain other students pray for their school even if they weren't standing at a flagpole. and i know people have good reasons for not being there. but it's also kind of telling of the atmosphere my daughter is walking into each day. and i'm thankful for the reminder to pray for her, and all the students at her school more fervently.


veronica said...

Do not assume that just because students did not show up at the pole doesn't mean that they do pray for their school. I have never heard of this day or this practice. We pray alot for our schools! Also I am sure there are many Christians at school and that Rebekah has daily contact with them. People do not need to be so outright in their religious beliefs as make it known by all. It really is between that individual and God.

Barbara Cassada said...

I love the idea of praying for your school...and I, too, am very proud of Rebekah and the other participants! Perhaps the number of Christians who participate will grow with time....four is a great beginning!