Monday, September 14, 2015

the rain won't stop us!

i was solo on saturday {which didn't phase me...i've been solo a lot lately :( } for our first soccer games of the fall..

both joshua and sawyer decided to play soccer (surprised me for sure!)

we've had such nice weather lately...but saturday it POURED - boo! they didn't cancel sawyer's we all got a little wet :-) levi will get water ANY way he can - look at lincoln's face - ha!!!
sawyer wasn't phased by the rain one bit. he had so much fun out there!! i loved watching him!
joshua was supposed to have 2 games that afternoon...but they cancelled them. so we got to clean the basement. just what we were all hoping for, right??

i can't wait to watch these boys play soccer this fall. it's a fun game (and one i understand!)

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