Friday, September 11, 2015

i escaped

on monday (labor day) i escaped from my life for a good part of the day. pat and the kids had off work. they needed to get to know each other again (after the hours pat has worked lately!) and i ran away. i worked out, went to lunch by myself and read for awhile, and then spent the afternoon with my sister. it was SO good to catch up with her and NOT be with my crew for a few hours!
getting to hold sweet Ellie for awhile was the BEST!! goodness, i adore her!
and now i declared myself ready for another week...

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Megan said...

This little niece of yours is something else too! What a cutie pie! I mean, she needs to be on a jar of baby food somewhere or a package of diapers. What a joy for you to walk beside and encourage Hannah during this big change in her life. Hugs!