Tuesday, August 4, 2015

making cakes

it's kind of random, but i've had the opportunity to make a few cakes this year and I LOVE IT! who knew?!? it makes no sense. cause it takes a lot of time. and patience. but i do enjoy it! {i don't really love to EAT cake, give me ice cream ANY DAY, but i like making them :-)}

when i asked sawyer what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, i was looking for a "chocolate" or "vanilla" kind of answer. instead i got, "i want a soccer ball cake!" 

ok....so i went to pinterest. and was able to make a pretty great soccer ball cake! 

in process...never knew that the BLACK parts of a soccer ball are hexagons, and the WHITE parts are pentagons! ha! now you know...
making cakes also takes lots of little pieces. and lots of dishes.
but it's worth it!! right?!?

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