Tuesday, August 4, 2015

let's go fishing

it was the day after sawyer's birthday (so, july 23 in case sawyer's birthday isn't a fact stored in your brain.) we had the afternoon open. i asked the kids, "what should we do?" dangerous question, right?? i don't ask an open-ended question like that often, but i was feeling risky.

joshua said, "let's go fishing at the pond!" (rebekah was still away at camp. so joshua was "boss." after me, that is.)

the rest of them chorused, "yes!!"

this would involve walking to the pond in our neighborhood on a gorgeous day. no money. no food. not even getting in the car.

let's do it!!

they caught a few.
and lincoln ALWAYS gets them off the hook. he's amazing at it!
i was determined to NOT rush them at all. to sit back and enjoy them being kids. to let them dictate how the afternoon would go. it was harder for me than i'd like to admit. but i did it.
they fished off that deck. and off that little opening straight across in this bottom picture. it was a sweet, sweet afternoon.

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